Last week while playing a chord progression I felt a lot of tension in my hand. I didnt play guitar much that day but afterwards and for the rest of the day my fretting hand index finger was numb from the tip about an inch down where the first bendy joint is. For the next couple of days the numbness would come and go 10-20 times a day. Its been a week and I only noticed that pain when I play the f chord which is I think where the pain originated from. I think I may have pinched a nerve but honestly I have no idea what it is.

The way I used to play it my wrist was bent at a 90 degree angle and my finger was rolled a little to the left so I could get all the strings to ring out clearly. I switched positions becasue I was scared to hurt myself playing so now I have it with no wrist bend and a vice grip between my fingers and palm. This way I find hard to adjust to and its hard to get all the strings to ring out clearly but I dont feel any pain.

So my question to you guys is am I doing it right now? I dont want to get injuries that will prevent me from playing. Thanks guys
eventually it will become very easy for you to play those types of chords and you will be able to relax your hand
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