how would i go about reporting a thread that is a repeat of an active thread posted in the same forum, i know about the report feature, but this does not come under what the report function says it is to be used for
It's one and the same...if you feel that a thread should be reported for a legitimate reason, report it via the report button at the bottom of each post.

There are no penalties for misreporting a thread unless the mods feel that you're being silly with it, like reporting every thread you see, or giving reasons like "because its gay LOLO."
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In the reason just put "repeat thread" and the mods will be quick with their justicy load
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Double threads are (as far as I know, I seem to recall having somebody explain this to me a while back) classified under spam. Just make sure to post in the threads saying that you've reported is, so that people won't use that one as well.

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if the thread is a repeat of another thread that was RECENT, report the thread and also link to the original thread. Both in the report and the post you make, marking the thread reported.

If the original thread was seriously old, do not report.
Use your own judgment in the gray area.

Keep track of the threads you report.
Look at them later.
If many of them are not being closed, you're being too picky.
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