Wrote this in a few hours, not a big thing but I'm always happy for critics, opinions and advices.

There is a problematic place I have: going from the basic I-III-VI-Vmaj (Aminor) to VI-VII-III-V goes smoothly (or at least I feel like it; bar 50) but somehow I have problems going back to the original progression (bar 58). Any ideas how I could do that?


wow, sounds really great

and to me the transition at bar 58 sounds fine really, didn't really notice it, so that's usually a good thing

all in all this piece is close to perfect imo, but it could use some higher notes every now and then, to get a little more variation, so maybe a really simple violin/piano/guitar melody at some places? and by simple I mean that it could just as easily by one note per measure, but as long as it just fills it up a little bit more

great piece


Care to take a look at my piece?

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This has nothing to do with the song and just me being nitpicky, but when you're talking about chord progressions, saying vi-I-IV-III is far better than I-III-VI-Vmajor. Everything always relates back to the major scale, even if you're playing in a minor key or even modally.

Now the song.

I think it's fantastic. There's really nothing wrong with any of it. The melodies are great, the bass part is fantastic, all of the transitions are really smooth and natural sounding.

I do think you could take it a lot farther if you wanted to though.

Some subtle guitar melodies, especially as the song progresses would really add a lot to it.

Some simple arpeggios behind the more chordy parts of the song would also really fill the sound out.

If you wanted to go a more epic route, you could also add drums and electric guitars, and maybe some orchestration about 1/2 to 3/4 into the song. Could be great, although it could also ruin the original feel.
Thanks for comments
Violin? Now that I think about it, I think I'm going to add a viola melody to the verses and the bridge and turn the last guitar melody into viola melody also (transposed an octave higher).
ironic: relate to the major scale, I'll remember that. Capital numbers mean major chords and small numbers mean minor?

I do want to take it further if it's worth it. It's also a great opportunity for practice.

I don't feel like adding a drum track but I think about it. Maybe congas and the likes but I need to learn about those first.