So I've been playing bass for a few years now, when I started out I just bought a cheap bass and a crappy practice amp on ebay, I want to upgrade both of these.

Have got a saturday job to save up for a new bass, and my parents have offered to get me a new amp for christmas for around £100,

I only really want a practice one - maybe 20 watts, just one of better sound quality than my "£30 off ebay" current amp.

I've looked at a couple on GAK and picked out these as possibilities:




So yeah, anyone got any advice about these three or any others in that criteria?

Ooh, if it's relevant - I play a whole range of stuff, recently have been playing a lot of Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blur etc etc
i'd go for the peavey. not that it really makes a difference, they're all pretty much equally good but out of these 3 brands i like peavey the most
Go second hand, for £100 you could probably get something like an old Trace Elliot, Hartke or Ashdown combo.

Out of those, i'd pick the Peavey.
go second hand i used to have an old trace elliot 715 combo. cost me £120 and i have to say it was probly the best £120 i ever spent.
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this is what i have and it serves its purpose well and sounds good to boot or a step up is the RB2

even tho its 30w it packs quite the punch for the money.And Laney's are built like brick shithouses know this from a good bit of experience.
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I personally hate the peavey max series, and out of those three i would be inclined to go for the orange.

However, i second the motion of going second hand.
I have an earlier version of the Peavey and it does a good job. The Orange and Laneys get great press from their owners. There are a few reviews worth looking ar on UG. Just use the menu bar at the top of this page.

The problem is that few of these will be much of an upgrade, if it was my money I too would look at second hand.