Well as a Smooth Jazz guitarist, bassist and drummer myself , I came across a superb guitar player about 2 years ago. His name is "Nils". Look him up on itunes he has 3 record's and his first is titled "Pacific Coast Highway" and it's his best. Myself and another user on here tabbed one of his song's titled "Dreamin" just search for Nils and Nils only.



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I would say wes montgomery's more comercial stuff is the begining, but look beyond smooth jazz to stuff like Charlie Parker, Bill Evans, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. I would say look more at cool jazz, as it is also beutiful and melodic but not nearly (IMO) as boring.
Lee Ritenour.
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The guitar solos in some of the Sade songs are great. Like Smooth Operator (acually I tihnk it's bass, but play it an octave or two up and it sounds great!)

heres a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl0_9wvVH4k
george benson....but the term "smooth" jazz seems to say...jazz without the BITE...benson can bite....before he became know as a singer...he did some monster studio work and his playing was not smooth at all...

i'd go with george benson, larry carlton, earl klugh, fourplay (lee ritenour), and some steely dan for incorporating it into pop... carlton played for steely dan at one point too
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Kenny Burrell

dont besmirch the good name of kenny burrell with the Smooth jazz :C