Ok so, does it matter which finger (pointer or middle) you start off at the beginning of a song or riff? I was told to keep it the same always, but some songs just don't feel right. Personally I like to switch fingers depending on the song. Would you guys say that is bad technique? How do you guys start off?
Assuming you're talking about right hand technique, it shouldn't matter which finger you start with, as long as you make sure that you keep alternating fingers while you pluck.

If you're talking about left hand technique, you just need to use a finger that lets your hand stay in a position to move easily to the next note.
whichever is more comfortable for you.

also, i like your username
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as you said it depends on the song
sometimes theres weird string skipping or different timing and i start on the middle but very rarely
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thanks. I do alternate. I just get yelled at by band mates......even though they dont play bass. Ill just ignore then and carry on my merry way
Middle finger. Unless its a song with tripple fingering in which case its my ring finger. Sometimes I use both or all 3 fingers at the same time for a hard attack. But anyways you get what Im sayin.