I picked up a cheap bass to mess around with but it was right handed. I drilled out the bridge holes a bit so the string would fit through, swapped the nut around and restrung it left handed, redid all the electrical and am going to setup the intonation. One question I have though is with the string retainer screw on the headstock.

As you see here, I left it where it was but normally the D & G string go under it. Now the E & A go under it. Should I leave it or remove it all together? I assume it's to keep the strings on the highest part of the headstock at a better angle, so I would think leaving it would be fine. I'm eventually going to use the bridge, pickups and neck from it and make a left handed body for it from some scrap wood.
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You got it dead on, pal. It makes sure that the strings that are strung higher up break over the nut at a proper angle. Leave 'er on there.
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