allright so im debating between a standard j and p bass by fender. I play all different kinds of rock mainly and i like slapping and i pretty much always finger pick

my main issue is i like the jazz bass but id like to join a punk/pop rock band and i was wondering if i could use a jazz for that and have it sound good or should i get the precision?

im also looking at the mark hoppus bass but i cant find a store that carries them so i can try it out, with that im wondering if the ash body mark actually uses makes a big difference to the alder they sell
I can answer one of your questions. Yes you would be able to play pop-pnk and that kinda stuff with a jazz bass. The P-bass might be better for it but it's not like a J-bass won't work. If you like the J-bass more i'd say get it.

I have never played the Mark Hoppus bass so i'm not sure if it's good or not. Sorry.
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ash and alder are pretty similar, ash has a bit more "character" to its sound. While the P bass is the go-to punk bass, plenty of people use a Jazz just fine for it, the P and J bass are both incredibly versatile. If you like the J more, and its more comfortable for you, go for it, it'll work fine
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Considered a Mike Dirnt Bass? The Jazz bass does also offer the option of going fretless if you desire whereas the P bass does not.
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J-basses are more popular with pop-punk bands than P-basses so yeah go ahead
I used a Jazz bass for pop-punk and it works perfect. It's also worlds better for slapping than a P bass.
allright thanks for the adive and that AFI video was pretty sweet havent heard that song in ages

yea my MH bass was more a weight thing i heard the ash body balances the weight better when your standing or something
I think the best bit of knowledge is that you CAN get a pretty good p bass sound with a jazz, while you CANNOT get a decent jazz sound with a p. Jazz basses play a lot better with the thinner necks as well. Jazz bass ftw.
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i say just get a p bass special... problem solved
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