A guy locally is offering me a Marshall Valvestate 2x12 with three cables, a footswitch, and a Boss DS-1 for 200 USD. Sound good?
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For 200$ its actually a good amp, but not for it's selling price though
play it first and decide for yourself
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Quote by SlowTrain
play it first and decide for yourself


Its a good deal yes, but don't buy it off that. Test it out. I have never tried a valvestate, may sound like crap may not.

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Buy it, thats if you like it, then resell for more if you don't want it anymore.
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First of all, don't look at it as a valvestate... look at it as a high end solid state amp, as the tube in the preamp makes little to no difference.

as a practice amp i find them quite tolerable, can be a little moody, found the footswitches to be hell (like all Marshall footswitches, the cables always play up).

Hock the DS-1, the amp has more than enough gain. so you're really paying 175-150 for a valvestate with a footswitch.

Go play it an make up your own mind (If you don't like the sound with everything except the gain and volume at 12 o'clock it's probably not the amp for you)
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i wouldn't necessary call it a good deal... but it sounds reasonable depending on their condition.