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Who are your main influences, the best guitarist to you??

1.- Jimi Hendrix
2.- Neil Young
3.- Eric Clapton
4.- Joe Perry
5.- Pete Townshed
6.- Bob Dylan
7.- Slash
8.- John Frusciante
9.- Tom Morello
10.- Matt Bellamy

Those are my idols
David Gilmour, Steven Wilson, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, John Frusciante, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Buck Dharma....and many more.

EDIT: Andy Summers, Kevin Shields, Tony Iommi, Ty Tabor...
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Kevin Shields, Kim Thayil, Robert Fripp, Frank Zappa, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Billy Corgan, Thurston Moore, David Gilmour, Trey Anastasio, Jerry Garcia, Stephan O'Malley, Mikael Akerfeldt, etc
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I met Sonic Youth on June 30th, and Mars Volta on Oct 20th.
Noone can touch Chet Atkins - Dark Eyes

Except for maybe Leon Rhodes - Bud Boogie
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John McLaughlin
Jeff Beck
Frank Zappa
Eric Clapton
Jimi Hendrix
Al Di Meola
Carlos Santana
'Music is the best"
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absolutely it will be Jimi Hendrix,..
Synyster Gates . amm John Frusciante , Eddie Van Hallen and just loove Matt Bellamy!
Shawn Lane
Terry Kath
Jan Akkerman
Jimi Hendrix

That's about it. I used to like Eric Clapton, Jimi Page, and Paul Gilbert, but they all bore me now. :/
Robert Fripp, Nels Cline, Radiohead guitarists, Television guitarists, Jeff Tweedy (his playing with Loose Fur and on A Ghost Is Born), D Boon, Froosh, Jimi, Peter Buck, The Edge, Jim O' Rourke, Deerhoof guitarists, John McLaughlin, J Mascis, Eddie Hazel, M Ward, Derek Bailey, Wes Montgomery, David Gilmour, Shuggie Otis, the dude in the Roots, Jeff Parker, Pete Townshend, and probably way more I can't think of...
joe pass, barney kessel, tal farlow, herb ellis, kenny burrell, jim hall etc
in no particular order just a cloudy mush of sound:

jimi hendrix
kirk hammett
joe satriani
steve vai
carlos santana
eric clapton
Orianthi is ill and hot so... yea
Paul Waggoner, Kurt Ballou, Dave Knudson, Luke Hoskin, Brent Hinds, Ryan Knight.
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Kevin Shields
J Mascis
Kurt Cobain
Dean Wareham
Christopher Walla
Robin Guthrie
Guy Picciotto
Richard Lloyd
Tom Verlaine
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Robert Fripp

Free your mind and your ass will follow
The kingdom of heaven is within
Open up your funky mind and you can fly

First of quite a few people have put down Kirk Hammett and not james hetfield. For those people you do realise that the only riff kirk has ever written was enter sandman, everything else is james even every solo.

1.Matt Bellamy
2.James Hetfield
3.Mick Thompson
4.Tom Morello

that's about it.
Robert Quine
East Bay Ray
Tom Verlaine
Johnny Marr

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Kevin Shields
J Mascis
Kurt Cobain
Dean Wareham
Christopher Walla
Robin Guthrie
Guy Picciotto
Richard Lloyd
Tom Verlaine

I like yr style.
now for a serious answer...

Robert Fripp
David Gilmour
Bob Dylan
Jon Levasseur
Steve Thibault
Evil Chuck
Varg Vikernes
Tom Warrior
Free your mind and your ass will follow
The kingdom of heaven is within
Open up your funky mind and you can fly

Kerry king
Jeff Hanneman
Adrian smith
Janick gears
Dave murray
Kirk hammet
James hetfield
Gary moore
Randy rhodes
Hell Awaits
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Television guitarists,

I hadn't noticed this the first time round!!

In no particular order, guitarists I like and/or who have influenced me:

Joe Bonamassa
Joe Satriani
Guthrie Govan
Steve Vai
Gary Moore
Brian May
Carlos Vamos
Al Di Meola
Paul Gilbert
Robben Ford
Buddy Guy
Alexi Laiho
Jari Maenpaa
Jani Liimatainen
Emppu Vuorinen
Roope Latvala
Gus G.
John Petrucci
sigh what a tough question...
but if I hadda pick...

Steve Vai
Jimi Page
Jack White
Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
Stevie Ray Vaugn
Paul Gilbert
Eddie Van
Nuno Bettencourt

and the list goes on and on....
Randy Rhodes
Ace Freehly

Ive seen some really wank guitarist put up here, cant hold a candle to these but each to their own i supose.
John Frusciante
Josh Homme
Jimi Hendrix
Kurt Cobain
Troy Van Leeuwen
Mike Einziger
Tom Morello
Matt Bellamy
SO many people always forget Rory Gallagher
he influenced slash & brian may hugely, dylan & lennon wanted to do solo albums with him
Rolling Stones & deep Purple wanted him to join/fill in the band.
Clapton said ''the man who got me back into the blues'' he also dethroned clapton as guitarist of the year in 1970 i think?
& his old power trio band Taste stole the isle of wright show from Hendrix & the who etc.
they were called back for 5 encores and considered the highlight of the whole show

Rory Gallagher- Too Much Alcohol (acoustic slide VERY catchy)
Rory Gallagher- Walk On Hot Coals (unbelieveable solo for like 5 mins in this song -skip 2mins in to hear it ROCK)

always the same guy, never wanted to be starry just wanted to play music, the purest kind of musician he was. And i dont know if this sounds Corny or whatever but its the absolute truth- i never met anybody like him- Never. he taught me humility & dedication & reinforced my belief that this (guitarist) really was a proper job.... i owe him my sound'' - Brian May of QUEEN

It was all about his guitar playing it got under your skin & into your soul-Cameron Crowe (movie guy)
1.Marty Friedman
2.Kiko Loureiro
3.Jani Liimatainen
4.John Petrucci
5.Ace Frehley
6.Yngwie Malmsteen
7.Chris Broderick
8.Rafael Bittencourt
9.KK Downing
10.Glenn Tipton
1. John Frusciante
2. Slash
3. Jimmy Page
4. David Gilmour

And other guitarrist how Zakk Wylde, Kirk Hammet,Rhandy Rhoads,Satriani etc...
Joe satriani, vai, hammet, hendrix, matthew bellamy, steve ray vaughn, zakk wylde and randy rhoads.
IMO the best guitarists ever!
EDIT: in no particular order
For many different reasons and in no particular order...

Thomas Erak
Jimi Hendrix
Noel Gallagher
Paul Gilbert
John Squire
Johnny Marr
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Jonny Greenwood
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#2.Newton Faulkner
#3.Zakk Wylde
#4.Matt Tuck
#5.Willie Adler
#6.Kurt Cobain
#7.Mick Thompson
#8.John Frusciante
#9.Dimebag Darrell
#10. Jack Black
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