hey i need some people to help me form my hardcore/pop punk band...
I need semi talented-talented musicians who want to tour, play gigs, and write music
I would also like for them to have a common interest in music and style
I want to have 1 4 Peice

2 Guitarists(Me and 1 Other Person)
1 Bassist
and drummer
the guitarist must be able to sing and play at the same time

some of the music i like is

Armor For Sleep
Escape the Fate
A Day To Remember
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
and more

Pop Punk
All Time Low
Taking Back Sunday
Set Your Goals
and more
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ohh f.u.ck maan! i'm looking for a band in exactly the same genre, same bands, i want to write, i'm a damn drummer and can write pretty decently in guitar and bass, and everyone i know only wants to go out and play slayer and metallica. I want to freaking tour and gig but I'm in Mexico City. Shoot!
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