New song my band is going to put on the backburner for now, since we have 7 or so songs for our EP already good to go, so, yeah, tell me what you think.

It's a mix of death and metalcore.

P.S. Sorry about the ending. I know it's stupid, but I want to do something like that, reminds me of the russian bears dancing on the unicycles or whatever.

Yes, poop.
I actually laughed at the outro, that took me completely by surprise. This sounds great, It was way better than I was expecting
The breakdown in the intro was freaking sick. The riff that comes in makes it freaky amazingly cool. Reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada kinda When you add the bends at the 1, it sounds even more amazing, and the drums change up, you make the intro perfect, and when the drums start going crazy, it's amazing, and then the chorus or something I guess kicks in, and I nearly fire cream on my screen lol. The riff and harmony in this riff seriously make me wanna cry it's so cool. The breakdown that comes in after is really cool too, I admire you for this one. The riff after that breakdown is amazing, dude you are amazing. The soloey lead is amazing, and then seems like you're Mike Hranica again. I love that breakdown riff that is right there. Adding the semitone chords in that slower heavier part was amazing. I'm sorry but the ending freaked it up, the lead in it, was kinda bad. Sorry, but after the other instruments came it was pretty cool, but it doesn't transition that well, fix that, and you will be the followed composer for me on this site.

Can I hear some more of your work?

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Didn't like lead parts on intro. Riff was pretty common deathcore riff. After intro there comes some nice groovy riffs. Then comes the drum part which was very boring. Ah now lead parts are again better. Again simple deathcore riffs, but they aren't really brutal. Fix that. This part doesn't make me feel like moshing. Again another boring lead parts.. No idea in taking bass into music on half way and bass like sucked. Hmm disharmony actually fitted this part. Not an bad idea. Damn.. Russian bars.. cmon xD.

Well 7½/10 since it actually had parts that I disliked.

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