So I got out my old Ibanez the other day and figured it would be fun to completely restock with all new parts. Tonight I already ordered 2 GFS VEH humbuckers, New Pots and New 5 Way. The hardware is cheap and it has alot of this wierd tarnish look. But the bridge is strange and I'm not sure where I can get a replacement. This is the Guitar


It has 2 screw holes in the top corner and 3 in the back. Does anyone know where I can find a fitting bridge? Or could I buy a regular strat bridge and fill then re drill the holes or would that mess up the top of the guitar to bad?
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stewmac.com is likely going to have just about everything you need. It's a fairly standard hardtail bridge, so you should be able to find a replacement easy.
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I also would like to ebonize my neck. Would this be possible to just tape off the frets and sides and then stain it? Iv looked for plans online but none of them contain fretted necks so what steps are there to take before the actual staining?
also what do i do about the inlays will they wipe clean later or tape them off?