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This is a little tune I've been working on for the last few days, I know my mic is crap-tastic and it's mixed awfully (I'm using garageband give me a break xD) so don't judge it and tell me these!!!!

I made all the instruments, and I CAN sing and get all the notes I just use the Auto-Tune as effect and this is the only song I have ever used it because it sounded best.

Comment away and I'll try to comment away on yours.
Well, your mix sucks!! Seriously though, the highs are too brittle so it's kind of hard to listen to it objectively and rate the song as such. Especially since the vocals are low in the mix and the distorsion effect on them doesn't really work. Love the little background blips at 2:04-2:11, that was cool. Might be a good tune in there somewhere but it's hard to tell.
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Yeah I don't understand mixing and I have to do everything myself now so I'm like srewed haha