So, when I record a track, there is blip sounds every (approx.)0.2 seconds.
It is really annoying.

I would post recordings, but I cannot, seeing as I have no clue how to set Left and Right locators.

Technical Info:
Recording Interface/Mixer: Yamaha MW10c
DAW: Cubase AI
Computer: Dell computer from (approx.) 2004. 500 Mb RAM.

I think it may be a latency issue?
I should try bringing my mixer and Behringer LX1200H head down to my office, rather than the studio. I've got Cubase AI4 on this computer, just no Lisence.
The computer I'm using rigt now is a custom-built(Built by me) computer. 1Gb DDR2 ram, and all the good stuff.

Also, I am DI'ing right now, 'cause it's pretty late, and I'm just doing some rough recordings.
This Behringer LX 1200H Is meant for recording. It's got a cab sim, and 2 XLR outputs on the back(L and R)

Thanks for any help you can give. Tell me if I need some more information.
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Probably need more RAM and a better processor and motherboard, best off buying a decent PC with W7.

I would buy a Sony VAIO, but...
My Sig will explain it. The very last part.

When my bro moves out(2 or 3 years hopefully), I get to move my studio, over to a larger room, and my bedroom moved up to the same floor as studio. This computer on same floor as studio, will be all good.
All on the third floor, or attic. Whatever floats your boat.

Quick Question, Wasn't Recordings &Riffs called Riffs & Recordings a while back? In my mine, even if it says the new way, I always think the old way. Unless, I'm jut crazy.
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Every 0.2 seconds????................metronome maybe?

Nope. That was just a random number I decided to post.

I need to know how to set left and right locators on Cubase AI4, so I can post clips. Anyone know how?
..I was watching my death.