Just finished my new track. Check it out in my profile, it's called "Funky Brother". Let me know what you think, and of course I will return the favor on something of yours!
I like the focus you display lyrically Your voice reminds me of a lot of different people (Elliot Smith mixed with Joe Strummer). You seem to have a good singing technique but if I were you I would turn the vox up a little. The bass riffs are top notch. The lead is pretty cool too, but the tone is a little thin IMO. I think the drum patter you are using is really appropriate but I think it could use a crash every once in awhile. Overall a really solid piece.
Love the intro and the main riff afterwards, follows on really nicely. I think in parts the drums are a little quiet, but it's not all the way through, they just lose their way when theres a lot going on. Mind you, you clearly know what your doing with production, the 'funky brother' just before the solo is nicely EQ'd. A good solid recording of a nice funky tune though.

Nice one.
That was really cool! I really liked the bassline and the way that the guitar and the bass sounded together, it just worked really well. Your voice reminded me of David Bowie for some reason, but the vocals were great and the lyrics really suited the song. This definitely succeeded at being "funky". Great job! I really don't have any negative criticism for this; it was really great!
Could you crit my band's new song?
Again, great!
The vocals remind me of Pink Floyd - almost. Cool little progression. Slap bass works well - it's a bit simple but it fills the low end well. Drums are a bit quiet in the mix, sometimes the vocals get lost. Guitar solo was good, loved the clean tone. Clean playing as well.
The bass sounded sweet in this. I think this song was very well put together. Maybe its me, but itd be nice if the vocals were a little louder? The instrumentals over all were excellent, and the song definitly stays true to its title. Btw, thanks for checkin my song out, I appreciate it.
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