Well, moreso just a guy who owns a shop. I'd be working part time 20 hours just as I do at my current job. I couldnt get days off as much of course on the spur of the moment (even day of), and i wouldnt get bonuses.. but the hourly rate would be the same.

So, what would it be like working in a music shop like this? There isnt a big GC around here, but there are other bigger shops in the nearby areas.
I think it'd be awesome!
Being around the stuff you love every time you go to work?
'Tis my reachable dream job right now.
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I think it'd be awesome!
Being around the stuff you love every time you go to work?
'Tis my reachable dream job right now.

Hell yeah. A good Mom&Pop shop destroys any Guitar Center. It helps if you know what you're talking about and give out freebees to loyal customers. I'm sure you know Spiders are not for Metuhlz, however.
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It'd be a pretty fun job, I think. No customers would mean practice time, I guess.
Sounds like a pretty sweet gig. I applied at one of those but I didn't get the job... Probably at least partially because when I did apply I had been awake for over 36 hours.


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Well, the guy wants me there. I talked to him today. Its just he has to be able to afford to hire someone; he just rebought the store the first of the month from the past owner he worked with.

Well, job security is an issue of course being a small store. however, I am doing an internship for my university this summer so i won't be working here for years to come if it survives :-P

Money... Less money. Thats not a good thing, but right now I work in ticket sales answering phones. Sure, its easy. But still :\
this would be awesome imo.i would actually sit with my bass just playing around when customers werent in. i have 2 but i dont think they hire they all seem to be ran by just a couple of em.But they are all cool to talk to and they known me for some time since one is at a lot of gigs im at.

Get free picks n that.Sometimes get texted when new stock arrives now he knows im a bass player

i buy a bit of gear out there but if i see a guitar anywhere and its a good buy i take it.Altho i am eying up a Jackson C20 and an Ashdown in one of said stores
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Okay, what is a "Mom & Pop shop"
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I'd say go for it, just remember that you're there to work, not play.

edit: ^ generally a small, family owned business where the stuff might be a little more expensive than big chains, but it's a lot nicer because the people working are willing to help you out and know more, and it's easier to become friends with them, thus getting you good deals and getting them loyal customers.
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