Sup guys, I recently upgraded from a spider amp and need a new wireless kit, since I actually have tone to lose with the one I'm using.

I currently have a cheapo digital reference kit that does an OKAY job of keeping tone, but gives absolutely ridiculous feedback.

What wireless kits do you guys have experience with, and what would you recommend? I'm currently looking at a Line 6 X2 XDS95, what do you know about that particular unit?

Thanks in advance everyone.
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Whats your amp and guitar?
Are you playing live, if so, what distance do you expect to be away from your pedalboard/amplifier?


Try that, it's a little over budget, but a great little wireless system.

Only 5-25 feet? wireless system wont make that much difference over that distance. JUst get a good set of cables.
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I'm playing a schecter tempest through a peavey xxx and I expect to be anywhere from 5-25 feet away from my amp at any given time during a performance.
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