im thinking of having a guy do a piant job on my guitar (he does really good work)

should he do it.
    if youre going to drop the money into having your guitar painted, have the artist design it with your input. thatd be a waste of money to get painted on. doesn't flow at all man.
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    Not if it's going to look like that.

    yeah i'm not a big fan of that. if you get a big picture mural-type thing it would be awesome. but does this dude know about clear coating and all? if it's just going to be painted over it might not stay very well. it should be sanded down and cleared over. the guys in the GB&C forums can tell you exactly what you'd need to do though.

    here's a pretty badass picture
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    if ur gonna do that to the guitar, atleast make them into a sticker so there not permanent
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    Well yeah it'll be cool if it looks like an actual mural
    that thing you threw together up there could be done in like 3 seconds with stickers
    if that's the paint job you're getting, you must really hate your guitar.
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    Edit: Then take pictures and send me them.

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    Don't get that done. I like the idea, and I think it would look good if you got the front done as a mural or scene, though what you have now looks awful
    Honestly that paint job there, looks pretty crappy.
    I think you should like get Mario jumping, with the mushroom kingdom painted in the background. (But have Mario rather big)
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    i don't think anyone will take you seriously with that paint-job, but hey whatever works for you...
    get it as a scene...noit those random characters as they would just look like stickers