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Really good man. Too bad YouTube keeps doing that to the video though. I just ignored it, haha. Awesome song, very good cover.

Whats your set up?

C4C Here's the first 30 seconds of Stacked Actors by the Foo Fighters that i decided to cover. You may enjoy it...


Very nice man I left a comment and a rating on your profile...

As far as my setup goes...it's actually funny you asked that because it's nothing special at all...
A Tradition S-20 Les Paul, Digitech RP350 with single coil pickup simulation engaged, and BOSE SPEAKERS plugged into the headphone outlet of the pedal, set up right next to the comp mic.
Yeah, that's it lol.
Great cover, I'm a big Audioslave fan. You should do a cover of Cochise.

Too bad it's out of sync. But I rated it five stars =) Great Job.

btw. thanks for your crit
nice work man! pity about the youtube syncing though. but great cover, and nice tone!
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