Which solo? I didnt really have one...

Also, do you have a song of yours i could comment on?
Its just my guitar into a presonus firebox and then i use Guitar Rig in Logic.

I commented on the link in your sig too..
cool man. this sounds very pro. nice mix. it could use vocals but this is a very very solid track. good stuff. good drum rolls, tone everything!. nice. nothing i could tell to realy improve on. that tone is killer. i see you dont have a title for this. how about the "pirate death march" good song. i dident hear a solo to comment on lol. dont people realize if they dont take the time to actualy listen to a song and give feedback, there not gonna get a decent crit in return. anyways i liked this man. short and to the point. lyrics would be good with this though.

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Nice, very nice man, it sounds great, and your double tracking is dead on. One complaint I do have is way too much gain! It sounds like you used full gain while recording, and when you double tracked it it doubled your full gain and made it really harsh and muddy. I dont know if thats what you were going for, but really too much gain.

Otherwise, the drums were amazing, couldent even hear the bass(no one ever can in metal) and overall I would give it a 5/5 just for the brutalness of it and amazing double tracking.

Crit mine?