Hey i want a new guitar the one i have now is an Assassin GE39 and some of the notes are sharper than what they are suppose to be. Anyway i wanted to get a new electric guitar for christmas and i wanted to know what would be a good electric guitar for 300$ or less or at least in that area.

I want something that will play good, and also be stylish at the same time. I was thinking about a warlock since my friend has one but im not quite sure any suggestions or comments?
Stylish and warlock? Hmm....

My recommendation is the Ibanez RG321 it's a great guitar and very versatile. And have you also tried fixing your current guitar?
Cort X-2? Maybe something from Agile? They don't only have Les Pauls.
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Ibanez RG321. Affordable and fantastic not to mention a great platform for improvement.
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