More lyrics from my band.
A new song.
Reminiscent of old stuff from me.
The title isn't serious.
Just something to write in the blank space because I can't think right now.

He shot himself in the foot so he could claim military disablement
So he could cash a Seals paycheck and get wheeled around the pavement
And garner sympathy from whores hanging out around an Aldi girl scout cookie sale -
Take home and fuck, caress and develop pseudo infatuation for
And live high and sullen and merry for until the
Direction Card service called it's debts in full and neither
Man nor goodly goddamned proctor could salvage spit and retina drops for
collateral bombs of fresh sprung cash

Could propel a fresh sunk shrapnel mess out of newly mixed slop
And beast and offspring tried their best to mop and mop
The sick of avante garde noise to struggle and force their bones to bop
To trite and trivial Opinion section racists crops.

He knit and knit and shit and shit
Flags for raucous conduits of gold and tan and rain-blow flagged
Twees to sell quips that were cut and sold by the bag
Our fathers preached of pilsner figure eights to grovel over sands of speed
The rest of textbook penology is roped and staple-gunned to a rotting family tree.

The manic stepmother drivers of york, yore, and fucked to bore
Are tethering leagues of flag swindlers to cook and clean and mop the floors.
Your husband's missing?
Let him rot -
Tied to magenta sand clumps where the hope of well-diggers, plumbers,
House remodelers and plumbers searching for their last shaker of putty can
Ghost ride the whip in tall acres full of recession crops.

I don't need God to step into me
Like I'm the one who doesn't exist.
But while I'm reading smut at nights,
Washing bird shit off of Dogwood trees,
I'll wrap a scarf around my head and spearhead the raising of
500 out-of-work apspring fists.
Poor advice.
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Does this band of yours have a website or some recordings? This has such a wicked beat i'm dying to hear it.