now this is weird. ive had a numb spot on my thumb for a week now, right in the spot i hold my pick. its pretty annoying and im curious if anyone else has experienced this and if they know how to get rid of it haha. its f0cking annoying as hell.


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Goddammit. GO TO A DOCTOR.


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Are you holding your pick too hard?

i knew someone was going to ask that haha. not any harder that to keep the thing in my grip . i haven't been doing anything different apart from what i normally do.

i just read the thread on carpel tunnel; i don't think i can say i have any symptoms listed besides numbness in my thumb but its just in one spot. the spot is like 1/8 inch in length.

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Goddammit. GO TO A DOCTOR.

im not asking for medical advise d00d.
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im not asking for medical advise d00d.

Too bad, you're getting it. Doctor. Nao.


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