What, no one on UG listens to metal?
So do you have anything interesting to play?
Bump. Come on no comments?
So do you have anything interesting to play?
hey guys, just a couple things:

its a travesty of our times but its true: (and this is why no one has written any reviews, or criticisms, etc.)

-you have to put up better quality recordings. my band learned this the hard way. no one really wants to listen and dissect songs that aren't top notch quality recording, because to put it simply, they just don't sound good enough that way. it takes away from your music, and unfortunately, your talent.

-you should probably put up a more professional and aesthetically pleasing visual for your myspace. the pics of the guys in the band don't look bad, but theyre definitely needs a background and other pictures, themes, symbols, artwork, etc.

fix up those two things and you'll instantly be more respected and get better reviews and crits, better gigs, and better turnouts for them.

AS FAR AS YOUR MUSIC GOES, i was diggin it. the tremolo picking thing in the middle of intestinal fortitude was pretty sweet, and i loved that random high pitched bass note in there. thought a lot of your stuff like that was pretty cool, different, and creative. liked it.

i honestly cant say anythign about the vocals because the quality is not good enough to understand what he's saying. also, screaming is not my thing or my style and i have no validity when it comes to critiquing it. hope this helps.

btw if you want to C4C, my band is www.myspace.com/rocketknife

we dont have full songs up because we haven't finished our ep but there are some snippets. i like your guys image and potential a lot! good luck
Thanks for the commentary. The tracks are just a quick demo we recorded live. we are beginning to work on our full length next week, and it will be much better quality. As far as the vocals, you said you don't really listen to screaming music, but i can understand every word, and i think the vocals came out really well. I listened to your band a little. It's really not my thing, but you guys are solid and know what you're trying to achieve. Cool that your from richmond, we know mad bands from there. Thanks again for the critique.
So do you have anything interesting to play?
Remastered tracks up, sounds way better now. let me know what you think guys.
So do you have anything interesting to play?