Now i normally use a standard set .10 - .46, but because my band plays in drop D, should i be using a thicker "E" string such as a .52 for the "E" string to be dropped down to D?

I recently bought a set of Light Top/Heavy Bottom strings, will changing froma regular gauge to these make much of a differenceto my intonation and such?

(Regular set being .10, .13, .17, .26, .36, .46, to the Light Top/Heavy Bottom set being .10, .13, .17, .30, .42, .52)
you would be fine using the regular guage, but a slightly thicker one wouldn't hurt either, but .52 is unnecessarily thick. if you can find something in between it would be best.
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it shouldnt be to much of a difference intonation-wise. I use 10-52's in standard because they just feel more stable than lighter strings. try em out, i think youll like them too. Its just gonna take a little bit to get used to them