Well there's Epiphone Les Paul Custom and then Gibson Les Paul Studio, which is the new chambered model.
The chambered model, is it any good? I've heard a lot of different opinions on this guitar. Some say it amazing others tell it's not worth the money.
And the build quality on all these guitars. May i expect the guitar to fall apart in a few months? The frets wearing off in a year ?
What would you choose?
I've played with Epis and loved Custom, played a studio as well, but that was the older model.

Thank you
I'd get the Epiphone Custom.

If you want a Gibson dont go for the studio get the custom.
the epi will probably sound better, as your not paying for the name as much as with the gibson
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The Gibson LP Studio is a nice guitar but you need to try several out first Gibsons are hit or miss at best these days. I like Epi and for the money I think the Epi is well worth the price compared to a Gibson. I also think Gibsons are over priced. If you can play both guitars side by side and compare them for yourself.

I have played several Chambered Epis and Gibsons and compared to the solid body guitars in the same range they really didn't sound much different just a bit lighter.