I need some help identifiying this guitar. Headstock says Attrs guitars but I can't find enything in google about Attrs guitars.
Maybe some wood experts could tell me what wood is that. It looks like mahogany imo.

It's for sale (50$) but I haven't played it yet (300km away). I need help deciding if it's worth it to travel 300km.
I've been looking for beaters guitar for months. I've got some backpacking plans for spring and cheap guitar like this would be excellent for that.

i wouldn't, but i live in guitar central. there are always used guitars for $75 or under in my area that are brands i'm familiar with.

you don't mention what country you're in, but here you could get any of the following new with mahogany back and sides: an epiphone DR-100 or epiphone AJ-1, a squier SP1 or a mitchell MD100 - all for $100 or less. or if you really like mahogany, you could get one of these http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rogue-Honduran-Mahogany-Dreadnought?sku=519268
I'm looking for something old and unique. Guitar with character...
I've got this strange weakness towards those guitars.

I live in Europe btw.
If you look at the logo it's actually attr guitarS and not ATTRS guitars. Looking up attr guitars i find quite a few pages in a language i dont know. If you live in the european country of this language maybe you can read it, or maybe someone can at least identify this language so you know where it's from.


theres a link to the search.
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