Hi ive just recently started playing ska music. Can anyone give me some tips on how to play ska chords and what not? Also can someone tell me common ska strum patterns, and the strum pattern for the Less Than Jake song "History of a Boring Town"
I don't play any ska, but I really suggest getting some songs from that genre and learning them. By doing this you can see what they are doing and apply that to your playing. I believe the learning curve will be smoother by doing that, than a number of members of UG just telling you what to do.
above is very correct!
Listen to some Reel Big Fish or Save Ferris. They are fantastic and fun examples of some ska.
Maybe Madness too!

But I'd say a lot of the chords are very reggae inspired, top three strings, strum up on the off beat type of jazz.

Walking basses are aweosme too!