Hi guys, firstly im new on here but have been reading the boards for a fair long while. I have read loads of threads on valve amps and following 1 recommendation on here I absolutely love the look of the hayden mofo but what worries me is when using this for small gigs is the volume boost when turning on mofo mode quite severe and gonna blow me well out of sync with other people?
I play metal a bit but mostly softer progressive stuff and want a nice thick rich distortion which people seem to say this amp can do but minor niggles like the one above and no standby put me off. Is the peacemaker maybe a better idea or is there something else that you guys think reigns far supreme.
I want to buy new and take advantage of the take it away deals so please dont recommend second hand.
I play a gibson nighthawk and have a monte boss mt2, boss chorus and overdrive pedals that I gradually want to expand and upgrade and an ibanez weeping demon.
Lastly playing at home would be a nice bonus but isn't a necessity so a stealth switch or equivalent is nice but not a must.

Really appreciate any help. Thanks!
What budget are you looking at? For metal the MoFo wouldn't be all that great, it's a blues amp primarily.

There's probably going to be something much better for you for the price.
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For an absolutely perfect amp I am willing to go to around £600 but might at a push consider more. Im a bit of a bedroom metal player but not really what i see myself playing live so dont want it to be the focus of the amp really. I have a modded metal zone that i hope will sound ok through a valve amp if i need to push it to metal so i want the amp distortion to cover the nice fat sounding distortion that i have always wanted but never yet got from any pedals through my SS carlsbro 30w. Obviously i will need a cab as well if its not a combo.

Thanks for the reply.
Surprised theres not more opinions for the hayden owners on here. Anyone else got an opinion on this?
I've got a Mofo. It's an amazing amp but probably not suitable for metal at bedroom volumes, here's why;

- It has one channel but has a MOFO switch which fattens up the sound, boosts the volume a tad and adds a wad of gain.
- The Hayden 112 that was designed to go with it is a bit naff.
- The "Stealth Switch" which reduces power to 2 - 3 watts effects distortion and tone

The only way to get proper saturated distortion is to;

- have channel level on full
- have MOFO engaged and on full
- stealth switch off
- Master Volume over 7/10
- Better cab. I have put it though the Hayden 112, Marshall 1936 212 and Blackstar Artisan 412. The Blackstar cab sounded totally amazing and really brought the distortion to life.
- a decent guitar with hot pickups always helps too.

When you have all these ingredients it really kicks out an awesome sound. But it is still probably more high gain / heavy rock than metal.
Hayden are a subsidiary of Ashdown. Check out the Ashdown Fallen Angel 60/180 before they went to the DSP effects, best metal amp that company ever put out.
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