I'm currently saving towards a new guitar and I'm just after some input on which one would be of better quality

A Jackson Demmelition King V

Or the ESP LTD MP-600

They have similar specs, and are at a similar price. The Jackson has a floyd, and it would be cool to learn divebombs, etc. But is it worth the hassle, as far as tuning goes?

I already have an ESP LTD and like the feel of the neck, how does the Jacksons neck compare?

I play in Drop D and C.

But what do you guys think would be the better one to buy?
One question that always needs to be asked with floyds are if you plan on changing tunings alot on that guitar. If so then don't buy it, if not then go ahead and get one. As far as necks no idea but you really should try to get your hands on both models to a/b them against each other and see which one you prefer more.
if the hardware is good enough the floyd will be cool,

changing tunings is the only hassle
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I would probably keep it in drop C, and use my other guitar in Drop D.

Unfortunately neither of these models are stocked locally so I thought I'd ask here instead.