any tips for taking yr guitar interstate on a plane and still having it in one peice at the other end?
Loosen the tension on the strings. Otherwise you can snap the neck.
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if so take a humidifier(?) just in case
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Break it in 3 so it takes less place. When you arrive, just glue the parts back together!
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The f*cking incompetant airport workers broke our classical guitar in half. I'd recommend bringing a hard-body guitar case.
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I had something similar too, took mine on a plane, when it came back on the luggage conveyor belt thingy the nut had been broke in two and there was a couple of scratches and scuff marks on the headstock (looked like it'd just been thrown in and had heavy stuff thrown onto it). Didn't matter that much since it was just my cheap £5 acoustic, but likewise i'd reccomend a hard case since i'm sure TS's guitar is actually worth something.
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Get a hardcase, loosen all the strings.

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