Hi guys, a little self introduction here.
I'm from Singapore. Currently 15 and decided to pick up guitar, which i have been wanting to learn but due to overloaded schedules.
I've currently using my very first guitar. a Fina FD-3150.

So, nice forum! and nice to meet you guys.
Hope theres chances we can exchange pointers


Welcome to UG. We have a thread stickied at the top of this forum just for introductions. Feel free to repost this in there, and read the introductions of your fellow newbies. Also, in all the other forums here on UG, keep an eye out for other stickied threads as the are usually quite helpful


Hey friend!!

Just starting guitar, huh? It sure can be tough at times but make sure you keep your chin up. Luckily, assisting you in your journey to guitar mastery is an amazing website. I wish I had UG when I was learning. Anyways, if you need any help feel free to post. Starting out is frustrating but the people here are pretty cool! UG has an almost limitless amount of tabs and lessons but if you still need help just ask around the forum.

Welcome and Good Luck!!!