I just put this in my guitar last night. It's so br00tal! Never posted on here before, but thought I would share this, see what everyone thinks.

It's an Epiphone LP Special II (so I didn't mind drilling a 1" hole in it) with some Duncan Design pickups that I took out of my old RR Jackson. 11-50 string gauge

No sound clips, sorry

If you had a tone control I would of ditched that and put the killswitch there since the tone control is useless with those pickups in that guitar......

Nice mod though placement bugs me a bit.
I think you should have positioned it further away from the PUP selector, but it still looks awesome nonetheless.
I think I should have to, but there was hardly any room in there, and I didn't want to try and rout out more of the cavity.

thanks for the comments
looks really cool! very nice. i like it a lot.
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I got the switch from Happ.com it's an arcade parts store

it works like a charm too!!! I'll try and get some audio up (although I'm not that great of a player hehe)