When you're playing appregios or ringing any two strings at the same time distorted and the sound sorta washes out? It's like this weird buzzing?
Yeah, I think that might be it. It only happens when it's distorted, definitely not fret buzz.

What causes that? How do i fix this problem?
is it the one where depending on how much you bend, you can change the speed of the buzzing? it's like it's bouncing back and forth between the strings? It could be the same as sympathetic resonance I guess, but I thought that only worked when one string was ringing and one was silent. It's pretty cool effect but I can never get it to last more than a second or two
when you're playing arpeggios you should be muting them anyway so they don't ring into each other. When you're playing two higher pitch notes at the same time I don't think you can stop it, you can hear it a bit on some SRV, Gilmour, Hendrix, some stuff like that, but it's less noticeable coz it's just on the clean channel, the volume makes it clip a bit though