I have both an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (2002*) and an Epiphone Sheraton (1996*) I'd like to get rid of.

All offers welcome.

*I'll check years when I get home.

Pics to follow.
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I checked the Serial:
Samick Plant, Korea
March 2002
Production Number: 03212

You can see from the 3rd pic that there is a tiny bit of scuffing on the top edge, back of the headstock; that's the only particularly noticable marking on the whole guitar.

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Would you be interested in a Jackson DKMG or Kramer Baretta?

Apologies, I was rushing when I made the thread; I'm only selling.
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How much for the Sheraton?
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Was looking for £325 originally, dropped to £280.
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I was thinking the same amount to start with (£280). You can get them brand new for £300 though. Then again, they are Chinese built and haven't had a recent set-up like this one has.

Like I say, make an offer if you're interested, based on what you're willing to pay/think it's worth.
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