All prices include postage to mainland UK. No trades, need the monies.

* Pickups are all black, F-spaced, have enough wiring and come with screws/springs.

1. DiMarzio V7 and V8 pickups from 2001 Ibanez RG550: Both in mint condition (£55)

2. DiMarzio IBZUSA F1 neck pickup from 90's Ibanez RG: Fair condition, works well. (£26)

3. DiMarzio V2 bridge pickup from Ibanez RG20th Anniversary: Good condition, and works. (£26)

4. Digitech Deathmetal pedal: Mint and boxed. (£25)

5. Unbranded guitar hardshell case: A few scuffs outside but perfect on the inside. Got it with a recent RG550 I bought. Should fit any strat or super strat. (£30, collection or you organize courier pickup)

6. Speed controls/knobs (as new): 1 purple tone knob, 1 white tone knob, 1 black tone knob, 1 black volume knob, 1 black switch tip (£4 for purple, others £1.50 each).

Pics will be up in the next couple of days. Payment via PayPal. PM if interested.

I've got a fair amount of feedback on UGC, look up the good trader thread.
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