the MIM fender Strat stock pickups arent doing it for me anymore, im looking for something new. Something that can give me a nice distortion, and yet can give me some nice cleans. i usually play things like ratm, muse, bowie, opeth, nirvana, Pink floyd, chili peppers and Hendrix.

im using a vox ac50cp for my cleans and might be using a M! audio crunch box for distortion. Also mgiht be getting a fuzz, most likely by Zvex.

I the routing is my guitar is H-S-H, so im open to humbuckers and single coils, but im not too keen on active pickups.
Seymour Duncan Hot Rail is a badass single coil pickup. I say go for the Seymour Duncan pickups because...well, they sound awesome.
The squier deluxe has 3 hot rails in them, are these hot rails any different from the normal ones? the normal ones cost 200 ea, so 600 in total. But a squier deluxe that has the HR, cost around 400.
they are pretty cheap.
their hammerhead humbuckers sound awesome, but their single coils dont sound that great imo. lol maybe i should get a h-s-h setup.
Tonerider are Australian aren't they? They've had good enough reviews that I've just ordered some rebel 90s from them. But I can't comment on the tone first hand as I only ordered them yesterday.
[O.¬] - WTF?