hey just listening to these guys http://www.myspace.com/tameimpala

and i was wondering what kind of settings and overdrives/distortions i'd need to get that same kind of sound. I've got a boss me-50 mfx, a laney VC 15 and a few guitars with buckers and one with p90ish pups

I can only help a little, but I know the guitarist uses a Vox amp with an SSS Strat and uses a Dallas Fuzz face... not sure how frequently he uses that pedal though.


"EH Small Stone -> Dunlop Fuzz Face -> Line 6 Verbzilla (?) -> Boss Blues Driver -> Boss Digital Delay? (or maybe noise gate?) -> MXR Compressor (?) -> Boss GE-7 Equalizer"

There is some more info on the pedals, from a live photo a while back.

I was interested in what gear they used too. Cool band.
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