Per one of my earlier postings, I've been shopping for a $500 or less acoustic - I play mostly electric but would like to find an acoustic to mess around with. I'm looking for a smaller body (000, OM, etc). Per recommendations here, I've looked at Blueridge, Morgan Monroe, Martin X1, Seagulls, Taylors.....

I've eliminated the X1 (based on reviews) and the Seagulls (don't like the neck shape). I liked the Morgan M (MV-EC-01) vs the Blueridge 143. However, when I played a Taylor Big Baby compared to the Morgan, I thought it was brighter and crisper.

I also like the body size as well as thinner neck on the Big Baby. The only thing that I questioned was the lack of a bass end ...I also tried a 114/214 which does have more of a bass end but it is also $300 - 400 more.

A couple of questions -

1. Has anyone added electrics to a Big Baby? How did it sound playing through an amp - does the lack of bass sound funny?

2. Any other guitars in this price range that I should be looking at? Unfortunately, it's tough to find Blueridges around this area and esp where I can compare to some of these other models.
Sounds like you've done your research and are making a well-informed decision after playing all of the guitars you can find....I salute you on that since most people don't around here.

To answer your first question: I have not ever seen a big baby with electronics on it, but some of your question will be answered with the type of electronics you would add. Plus, if you are adding electronics, it is probably worth your time to add a preamp to, which would allow you to EQ your signal a bit and might solve any balance issues.

The second question: Did you try both kinds of Seagulls? One of them has a smaller neck; I am not versed well enough in them to be able to tell you which is which without having them right in front of me though, so maybe someone else would be able to help with that...

but, I would also look at the Epiphone Masterbilt series. They are all solid wood, and sound pretty decent for the price. They come in a smaller body shape, but they might stretch your budget a little bit.

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Thanks for the response...I'm suprised that people wouldn't do more research on guitar purchases. My first electric was a bit spur of the moment but i've tried to take my time on sbsequent purchases.

I'm not real familiar with the electrics that they add to the acoustics after the fact. I think the upper end Taylors have bass, treble and volume..Does the pre-amp sit on board the guitar or is it off? I also wasn't sure if the guitar doesn't have much of a bass range if using electrics will allow me to "boost" something that doesn't exist.

Which Seagulls should I try - I've tried two different ones - I think one was an S6? Thick and wide neck.
Usually, after market preamps will either be belt-clip or DI box style. They will allow you to shape the tone somewhat, and as I said before, at the very least it will allow you to balance things out a little bit. It won't really allow you to add what isn't there, but rather play with the signal so you can't tell that it is missing. If that makes any sense...

The S6 is a great guitar, but does have a very chunky neck. There is a thinner version...a couple of the guys around here are seagull experts, so I'll defer to them on model names.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.