Just nabbed for $45 on CL. Now I need to figure out what it is. It's made in Korea, and I'm hoping it's the version with a mahogany body like the one being discussed here: . Anyone know anything about these?

I've got it here at work, it seems to play well, the frets seem rather large. It has light strings on it, I think.

Once I get it home, I'll be able to hook it up to my Blackheart and give it a workout...at my skill level that amounts to some blues shuffles, CCR chord progressions and E major scale practice, heh.
Are these rare?
looks like a epi explorer neck bolted on a squier bullet.
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Also, I like black.

very nice! i almost bought one used a while back for $100 but the neck was warped to all hell i still wish it would have played well enough. these guitars are awesome!

anyway, happy new guitar day! very nice.
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Playing around with it last night, the volume pot seems to be a little funky. It crackles a lot and will cause the pickups to cut out. One of the reasons I bought his guitar is to tinker...so I think I will get the strat rebuild kit from GFS.

I'm no judge of tone, I just don't have enough experience to say whether the pickups are lousy, great, or otherwise. However, I was thinking about replacing a pickup (or 2 or 3) just for fun.

A few notes on playability. The guitar is much, much lighter than the AXL strat copy or Michael Kelly Patriot Q I have. It's actually kind of nice. The tuners are EONS better than the ones on the AXL. I've got no dead frets or string buzzing. The action is a tad higher than my MK, but my MK is insanely low. Also, this morning it is still in tune, so I got that going for me.

Finally, whereas, I rarely pick up my AXL in lieu of my MK and if I do, it's only for a little bit, last night I didn't want to put this Epi down.
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a gibson stratocaster...sounds funny doesnt it
hngd btw