Hey Im buying an xmas gift for my brother who is a bassist. He's always wanted an envelope filter and has tried out one or two that he didnt like. Im pretty sure he tried out a BOSS one and then he tried some other one that Im not sure of the brand.

Anyways, he would definately mess with the sound and take advantage of the variety thats in the pedal, but I know he would love to have the sound that Flea has on 21st Century. Can the Q Tron do this? If not is there a different envelope filter I should look at?

Please and thanks
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Flea uses a Qtron, so he probly used his qtron to get that sound on 21st century. I'd say yeah get it.
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aight thanks man, thats pretty much all I needed to know lol
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I have an original q-tron, its great. Also look at the DOD fx25B, flea also used this envelope filter and its a good bit cheaper.
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Actually the sound on 21st century is two envelope filters at once going in different directions.

The q-tron is a great sounding pedal and will get really close to the sound of 21st century, all be it not exactly.
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i own one and it is a really fun pedal to use, it's kind of expensive though
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The Q-Tron is a classic and a blast to use. The only drawback is that it is a little pricey (though not as much as a vintage Mu-Tron). If you can handle the cost, by all means, pick one up.