Simple solo acoustic instrumental.

This is me after not playing or practicing for a year and a half so go easy

I really wanted a piece to sound like stars, lights, planets, galaxies, etc... The harmonics are the stars and speckles of light in the distance, and the underlying bass is just the pervasiveness of space and the universe

It's pretty rough, thank you for your time.

MP3 available on my profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Dreadnought/ (please comment there too)
My God, it's full of stars!
Nice piece.....really good finger picking. The song flows very well and has a nice soft ambiance to it.
wow, your tone kicks ass. Also, this is really spot-on for a year and a half's worth of rustiness. Reminds me alot of Explosions in the Sky (How Strange, Innocence) which is definetly a good thing if you were going for atmospherics.

c4c if you feel like it, my profile, song "The Month After October" its pretty heavy but I was going for a spacey, atmospheric mix as well.
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