For christmas i am getting an electronic drum set. My local music shop sells 2 drums that i am interested in, the Alesis DM5 and DM6.

I am not sure which one is better though, does anyone have any advice?

the DM6

the extra tom won't hurt anybody...

but haven't look at sounds and stuff
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Flip a coin that has DM5 on one side and DM6 on the other. Good luck finding the coin though.
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6 is larger than 5.

Therefore DM6 is better.

This, every time.
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The DM6 is better. It has more sounds, and comes with an extra trigger. It also appears to have rubber heads, which I like better, and more realistic cymbal triggers. The Alesis sets are really good values. But all in all there's not a whole lot of difference. Think about how much money you want to spend befroe you decide.
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6 is larger than 5.

Therefore DM6 is better.
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