Any recommendations?
What brands are good in this range?

I was looking at the Ovation GC057, but people seem to think Ovations are a no-no in this range.
Yea, I was looking at the seagull, because I have a seagull myself, but it's a bit pricey.
My ideal price range is around 300, but we'll see.

Any comments on the Takamine G series?
Many of the Takamine G series are quite nice, but are nowhere near the craftsmanship of a Seagull. They do have very nice electronics, and amazing playability. Really, to get a decent one though you'll have to pay $500+
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i don't care for taks in that price range. i recommend the yamaha fg720s or yamaha fg730s, and if you prefer to keep it lower, the fg700s, although it doesn't sound quite as good as the 730. you may also get lucky and find a solid top walden or alvarez for that price, but if you go to a store, keep in mind that some salesmen will lie about whether the top is solid and some just don't know.