ok so im having trouble with setting my gear up.. Im not a complete idiot.. I have the basic idea down but some it I am not so sure of.
Heres what I have:
-Mesa Roadster Head/Recto 2x12 cab
-PRS Custom 22
-Furman SPB-8
-Line 6 DL4
-Line 6 XDS95 wireless
*BOSS- Noise Supressor
Chromatic Tuner
-Morley Power Wah
-Digitech Whammy

So whats the best way to set this all up?
What goes thru the FX loop?
What goes thru the front of the amp?
What goes thru the Noise supressor loop?

...very confusing...help.
much of this is opinion, and your opinion is the one that matters. i recommend just using some of it til you know where you want it... i don't know what a noise suppressor loop is either, maybe an effects loop?

PRS ->[wireless] -> tuner-> morley wah -> [digitech whammy] -> mesa roadster

out of the roadster's effects loop:

loop out ->[whammy] -> flanger -> tremelo ->DL4 -> [reverbs] -> loop in

i wouldn't use the boss noise suppressor, but that would go either after modulation effects or after distortion effects or at the end of chain. you also have the option of running the whammy before the flanger in the loop, that would be a more common setup. i don't trust wireless systems, but i would use it direct from guitar into wireless then into the effects.
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Any kind of gain pedal or wammy pedal goes in line with your guitar, any kind of clean effect, that does not distort, can go through your FX. The tuner can go anywhere pertty much, but its best in line with the guitar. The wireless thing is inline with your guitar and amp, think of it like a cable without the cable part. But basicly what ^ he said.
Sorta depends on what you want out of your way, and if you want less wires underfoot, or what.

Here's how I would do it:

Guitar-> wireless transmitter

Wireless rec'r-> Tuner -> Whammy -> Wah -> amp

FXsend -> Suppressor loop out -> Flange -> trem -> DL4 -> Suppressor loop in -> FXreturn

There's no rules here, I bet others might do it differently...
Based on the knowledge I do have..I think Rutch is right.. Seems about how it should go.. Any other opinions are More than Welcome!
also... what about placement of the noise supressor? should it go in the fx loop? in fron of the amp? or both?
in front to get rid of feedback if its over the top. loop to get rid of amp noise and hum.
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