Well, I need a recommendation for an overdrive or distortion pedal. First off, I'm going to be using it as a main distortion/overdrive, plugged into a small Epi studio amp or whatever else (I might get a new amp soon) and I'm going to be using either a telecaster with P90 soapbars or some sort of Les Paul. I need something that can get some really top endy bright tones like Joe Satriani, Paul gilbert, things like that, and then can also do low end fuzzy tones like Smashing Pumpkins, hard rock, and other high gain type tones. also, I'm on a budget of around 150$ at the most.

I was originally thinking of getting a Satchurator AND a Little Big Muff Pi and running them both straight to my amp and switching between the two, but if you guys can recommend something better, then that's why I'm asking before I buy.
Ya for pumpkins there is nothing but the muff... But the muff is NOT gonna 90% of the other stuff at least well.
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Unless its electronic drums.

I got the Satchurator and it is very versatile! As a plus, it's not noisy at all, even at high gains! A great pedal (I got a lot of distortion pedals before, and this one sounds most natural to me, honestly!)