I am a complete noob when it comes to "big" amps so I need some help here. I need an amp that's big and loud enough to do lets say a school auditorium or a club of some sort. I'm looking for hopefully under 1000 dollars. Tones I want go from Metallica, Slayer, Tool, Megadeth, Pretty well and thrash and some death metal, sanitarium/tool like cleans, zeppelin, and other stuff around that kind of thing. Could anyone reccomend me an amp that's loud enough/crisp enough and has the tone for these specifications? Thanks all
Teh bru00t4ls Randall rh50t, or the 100w version if you can find it. That thing will do more than thrash, and then eat you and fart out death metal distortion.
And then it will sing cleans to you, and belch out the chorus of Sanitarium....
Well, good cleans and nice metallica, tool,... sound, I'm thinking a used mesa boogie combo here.
Should be able to find one around 1000.
Can't really tell you which one to look at beacause I'm in Europe and mesa prices are normally dubble the American price.
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yeah avoid ss heads too.

SS amp is just fine,sometime is better than tube for some genre that dont want tube break up
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How much money you wanna spend?

A Mesa Rectifier will serve you well but they are spendy. So is pretty much any high-end, high-gain, high-wattage tube amp (Like a Marshall JCM, Diezel, etc).

You could check out Bugera for less costly amps?

Maybe go used? What about Peavey? A XXX (now the 3120)?

You got lots of options.