I would like to ebonize my neck. Would this be possible to just tape off the frets and sides and then stain it? Iv looked for plans online but none of them contain fretted necks so what steps are there to take before the actual staining? also what do i do about the inlays will they wipe clean later or tape them off?
i'm curious to hear the answer. i have some experience in staining, you could probably get away with this
ive seen it done with lower grade ebony fretboards to make them 'more ebony', so in theory, you could do this, tho im unsure as to how amny coats of stain it would take to get the desired colour
I did this to my fretboard. I assume you only want to do this to the fretboard, not the entire neck. I taped off where I wanted to stain and just followed the directions on the can of stain (minwax ebony). I kept applying until it was pretty much jet black. It wipes right off of frets and inlays so you don't have to tape them off. Just be careful of the stain bleeding through the tape a little. You also have to take into account how the stain is going to bleed out of the wood for a few days afterwards. You need to wipe it really good once you're done staining it and then just wipe it occasionally for about a week to remove the excess bleedout.
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