I've been playing guitar for about five months now and can play most chords including barre chords (kind of). I was working on a song in the UG tabs (Buck Cherry..Sorry) and I ran into this:


Please tell me that 3-5-5-4-4-3 is a typo. If not...I'm screwed. It will take a month of practice for this chord and 2 months of therapy due to the rage it will cause trying to play it. If it is a real barre chord...how would a person with 5 fingers play it?

As usual...thanks for your help.
Dunno about typo, but that chord's very possible to play, it's like the major barre chord but extend the middle finger so it covers the B string too. (Or just throw the middle finger in the air. )
what song is it anyways??

cus if you play the whole thing.. the chord you wrote doesnt really sound right according to the others... 3355433 goes with the whole thing much better.

so yeah im guessing it is a typo.